Training Fields and Ranges

The field training facilities are as follows:

  • Campus ranges;
  • Field ranges.


Campus Ranges

  •  “Special tactical operations” range, which includes:
    - Special Forces obstacle course;
    - Urban environment tactical area;
    - Dynamic shooting training sector;
    - Alpine and parachute-jumping training center;
  • Helipad;
  • PSO range;
  • Engineering range;
  • Signals range;
  • Chemical warfare range;
  • Sports facilities;
  • Campus shooting range;


Field Ranges

  • Tactical and shooting ranges;
  • Tank-driving range;
  • Automobile-driving range;
  • Artillery shooting range “Markovo” – “A, ADS and CIS” Faculty;
  • Airport – Military Base in D.Mitropolia.


 PSO Range

Urban Environment Tactical Area

Special Forces Obstacle Course



Campus Shooting Range

Engineering Range